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June 17, 2017
HKIA Cross-Strait Architectural Design Symposium and Awards 2017

論壇主題 Symposium Theme
高速、高密、多元 建築
Speed, Density and Diversity – Cross-Strait Architecture

論壇及大獎簡介 Introduction of CADSA
在這新世紀的年代,兩岸四地的建築處於一個高速發展過程。 亞洲建築邁向國際化在二十世紀六十年代始於日本,印度和香港等地方。但是隨著近年經濟增長,中國內地、臺灣和澳門的建築出現了一種能融合新技術和歷史文化的發展。兩岸四地的建築各有特色,並各自努力闡釋和展示其獨特的文化,這對文化傳承作出了重大的貢獻。同時更包括了對社會的責任,生態的考慮,以具前瞻和創造性的設計回應地球日益减少的資源。這正快速成爲兩岸四地新的建築設計方向和生態。



The architecture development of Cross-Strait in the Modern era was a gradual process of learning and experimentation. Closely aligned with the pages of history, the maturation of Asian architecture towards international excellence was at one time confined to areas such as Japan, India and Hong Kong, but with sustained period of political stability and economic growth, the emergence of a new spirit in architecture capable of converging new technology with cultural and historical heritage has commenced in the Mainland, Macau and Taiwan. While there are tremendous differences amongst Cross-Strait architectural culture, remarkable and continual efforts to interpret and present unique cultural character have made tremendous stride towards the location of cultural identity while simultaneously embracing social responsibility, ecological sensitivity, working creatively in face of diminishing resources. This is fast becoming the new way of design and new way of life for Cross-Strait architecture.

The Symposium 2017 is conceived as a vital platform to assemble those eminent and well experienced architects from the Cross-Strait regions as the Speakers at the Symposium to stimulate the interaction through discussion and learning from each other, in order to facilitate the elevation of architectural design in the Cross-Strait regions towards the international arena.

The Awards 2017 is conceived as a vital platform to celebrate and recognize design excellence that contribute to better living, economic advancement, social impact and the building of a body of knowledge through innovation and creativity.

Our President of General Assembly, Arch. Johnathan Wong is invited as Juror of the Award of CADSA 2017 Student Category

本會理事會成員蘇偉圖建築師擔任以 ”Shaped by use” 為題的專題講者。
Our Board Member, Arch. Nuno Soares is invited as keynote speaker with the speech topic “Shaped by use”.

本會會員Francesca Carlotta BRUNI 建築師出席擔任座談會講者
Our Member, Arch. Francesca Carlotta Bruni is invited as speaker of panel discussion



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